We have digital classrooms, | Projection classes is available, | Separate classrooms for every trade, | Traditional teaching methodology, | All class area is spread in 400 Sq. Ft.


All kits material is free, | Spoken English classes is free, | Dumper driving is free for selected operating trades, | Video for practical free, | Interview facing is free etc.


Qualified faculties with more than 20yrs of experience from Tata steel & Gulf Countries, | They can convey knowledge with better skill and results.

Hostel & Mess Facilities

We have own Hostel and Mess Facilities, | Capacity of our hostel is 200 students, | Merge rooms are also available, | Mess are providing for three times in a day.


We have library facility for extra knowledge of students, | Enriched library containing all the essential manual / reference books.

Welding Lab

We have our own welding workshop, | Spread in 1500 sq. ft area, | 6 machines for argon & arc welding, | We are giving 4 inches pipe for welding practical, | Double classes are available.

Own Machine

We have our own machines, | Mobile Crane, JCB, Excavator, Fork-Lift, | Dumper, Hydra, Maruti Van, | Therefore we are giving unlimited practicals, | Free Dumper driving for selected trades, |


We have instrumentation lab, fitter lab, AC lab, | Our lab area is spread in 1500 Sq. Ft, | All labs have necessary facilities, | Our lab has well equipped and modern instruments etc.

Plant Visit

We are giving plant visit for HVAC, | Students are getting real time education of industry in GTI, | Plat visit for W.T is available, | Plant visit for different trades are available, etc.

Conference Hall

We have conference hall spread in 1400 sq. ft. area, | Our Conference has well furnished, | Conference is available Stage lighting, | Projector and sound system.

Operating Practical Site

We have operating trade practical site, | Spread in 43200 sq ft. area,| Our machines: Mobile crane, JCB, Excavator,| Fork-Lift, Dumper, Hydra, Maruti Van & Car

Safety Practical

We are giving different types practical’s for Safety officer course, | Outdoor practical are giving by us, | Fire safety practical are giving by us, | PD classes for safety officer.